Charlie Feist


Hey Everyone,

For the first blog post I found an absolutely amazing brand on Instagram , that I wanted to show you.

Charlie Feist is a London-based minimalistic backpack brand founded in 2015. Their Opening Collection has the ‘Shiro’ backpack, which is a unisex design, available in different colours. I was lucky enough to ask some questions from the team.

Charlie Feist is named after a hunting dog, why did you choose this name?

During our preppy wardrobe days of structured navy blazers and crisp blue oxford button-downs, we were obsessed with Hunter boots. And we thought that rubbery material would be perfect to make a backpack since it’s waterproof and hardy. We began researching around the lifestyle of a hunter. Looking at several images of hunters, we began noticing that almost always a dog would accompany them.

What a followed was a weeklong research of names of hunting dog breeds. After going through several of the usual suspects and variations of spaniels, beagles, etc. we stumbled upon the “Charlie Feist” which is named after a hunting dog!

Immediately fell love in with the name because it kind has the sound of a human. As a team we were too self-conscious to have our own names plastered on the product!

For all the backpacks you are using great quality materials, such as vegan leather for the zipper pullers and accents. Why is it important for you to be cruelty-free and ethical?

First, we love animals (especially puppies!) so we can’t think of using animal products in our bags. Second, in a 2016 world, with the advancement in technical fibres to kill an animal for a non-essential item like a bag!

How would you describe Charlie Feist with three words?

Functional. Minimal. Cheeky.

What are the future plans for the brand? Are you planning to expand the product range?

For now, the goal is to be 100% focused on making beautiful backpacks that we are proud to make. Later when the right opportunity presents itself and if we can truly improve a product category, we will certainly delve deeper in it.

What was the inspiration for the Opening collection?

Funny you use that word! TBH I don’t even know what that word means anymore in an Instagram world. We are just launching with one style in different colours and we will continue to add more styles intermittently.

My personal favourite is the grey Shiro backpack, minimalistic, elegant and you can match it with everything!

Charlie Feist’s website:


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