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Today’s brand is BeccaWHO, who is a British Independent Artist/Designer and her first collection is The Bones & Baroque.

BeccaWHO has a very strong message, ‘Be who you are’, all the items are for people with unique taste, who are not afraid to express themselves through wearing these vibrant and exceptional accessories.

I had the chance to speak with the founder and designer of the brand, Becca!

Your designs are all drawn by you, when did you start drawing? Did you always know that you want to be an artist?

Absolutely – I’ve been drawing since childhood, so for as long as I can remember –  and I still completely love it! There has always naturally been a burning creativity inside of me and it’s never been who I really am to do anything else.  My Further and Higher Education centred around Art & Design. There was a long hiatus during which I didn’t create any Art or Design due to personal circumstances – when I came out the other side and took it back up, it was like my soul waking up, stretching it’s legs and coming back to life again!

The patterns are all different, I think everyone can find something from your collection that they would love. How can you come up with all the variety of motives? What inspires you the most?

Thank you! My debut Collection ‘Bones & Baroque’ was created in more or less isolation, so I had no idea what reception it would get! Since launching, I’m getting lots of positive feedback and it’s fantastic to know that people are enjoying my work. I have developed techniques for drawing and design that work for me, but I also make sure that I experiment. I naturally tend to think outside the box from the off; So, if I have a fairly simple idea that I think has merit, I usually find myself playing around with putting a twist on things, to add an interesting edge. This collection was inspired largely by British Wildlife, but I wanted to celebrate all aspects and to feature the whole life cycle, hence the Gothic touches, I didn’t want to only celebrate pretty, blooming florals.

The Artists, Designers & other creatives that I find inspirational are so many – I’d say that the main Design creatives that I find inspirational are Anna Sui, Alessandro Michele, Alexander McQueen, Barbara Hulanicki; Art inspirations include Candice Tripp, Kris Kuski… and there aretoo many Music icons to mention but definitely Psychedelic Rock, bands like The Doors, Cream and The 13th Floor Elevators -I love listening to an eclectic mix of music, old and new, and very often that moves me to a mood or emotion that leads to something creative happening. Inspiration for me is constantly everywhere – literally from seeing the colours of a beetle up close, to the artwork of some old vinyl record, or reading about and getting a feel for another culture or period in time.

I also love Psychedelic Art, The Arts & Crafts Movement of course, Rock Posters, My childhood dresses, Gothic Art, Fairy tales & Folklore, Art Nouveau.. I like to see these styles juxtaposed unexpectedly – one thing about being a Designer, you never switch off from your work! I’m constantly inspired, by life.

How would you describe BeccaWHO in three words?

I’d say Unexpected,Soulful – and what I see as Beautiful.

BeccaWHO has scarves, bags and clothing as well, are you planning to design patterns for other items? If yes, what kind of products?

Yes, definitely. My artwork and designs are constantly evolving – I only have to stumble upon one bit of inspiration and my mind starts running away with design ideas! At the moment, I’m working on an exciting new range of bags to be launched next year, which will see many styles of design combined… But I also love home wares and would love to create some unexpected designs for interiors. I’m quite open-minded as to where my design work will take me – I work very hard and with focus, but I don’t plan the future too specifically as creativity for me evolves quite organically – it’s an ongoing and exciting journey!

I honestly love these patterns, so unique and colourful, my absolute favourite is the make up bag, that you can see above. Such a cute pattern!

BeccaWHO’s website:


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