As you might know, I’m Hungarian, therefore this post is really special to me. Daalarna is a Hungarian brand, designing absolutely stunning wedding dresses, and I know it’s too early to think about my own dress, but I just love going through their website, watching their videos and dream a little bit. I had the opportunity to ask a few questions and I’m extremely grateful for it!




Daalarna collection can be found in America, Canada, Australia and in the UK as well, are you planning to widen the availability or open stores in the future? If yes, where?

The Daalarna dresses are available in 9 different countries, America, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine and Hungary.  We are just about to introduce our first collection in Hong Kong. The Asian market is relatively unknown for us, but we received several requests from  the East. Moreover, the Arab countries are very fond of European clothing brands, therefore it would be likely to find a suitable reseller there soon.


Every girl is dreaming about their wedding day and of course about the dress, how does the designing process go? What kind of phases does it have?

At the first meeting we ask our guests to tell us about the wedding and  the dress that they imagined. It is really important to us to know if they don’t like some colours, materials or shapes. Then we propose to try on a few models  according to their descriptions,  still it is really helpful to know in advance which dresses the bride wants to try on from the Daalarna collection.

The existing designs are helping  to create their own ideal dress. The bride can choose from the current collection, but most of the dresses are specially made for our clients. They can decide on different colours, materials, decorations, moreover they can design their own by matching parts from various models.

If we have the final decision, we usually have 3 rehearsals, where the bride can try on the dress. For the first time we are looking at the shapes, when there is only a dress made of Molino, which is a simple linen fabric. At the end of the second meeting we already have a semi-finished dress from the final fabric (lace, silk). For the third time we have 90% complete dress, we are only finalising the decorations, embellishments and the lengths of the skirt. And the bride can take the dress home at the fourth meeting.

What was the most exciting/ unique request that you’ve ever received?

We have special queries and interesting stories every year. We designed blue, pink, red or flower patterned wedding dresses. I had a client whose wedding was in Sweden in an ice cave and because of the weather we advised her different accessories. However the most unique one came from a male client, who wanted to propose with a Daalarna wedding dress. For this ‘mission’ we needed the exact sizes of the lady, but he obviously couldn’t ask for these, thus he had to steal a few dresses from his love’s wardrobe and we designed the dress according to those measurements. Luckily the result was perfect and the lady said yes.

Every year you design something new and amazing, what is your inspiration?

What mostly determines the collection is the material. We are working with more companies from France and Italy, who are designing fabrics and delivering for  the biggest such as Valentino or Elie Saab. I often know exactly what I will design from that fabric, but sometimes I just fall in love with it and after ordering I just examine it for a while till it creates its own shape. And of course the international trends as well.  Travelling, cultures and arts are also inspirational.

Photos by: Misi Kondella

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, check Daalarna’s website for more beautiful photos and information!



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