Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is about a lovely Romanian brand MA RA MI, founded by Andra Clitan. The designer’s aim is to preserve the craftmanship and to use sustainable fabrics. Most of the items has different embroideries inspired by Romanian traditional art.

Why did you choose to create a sustainable brand? What does that mean for you?

MA RA MI was created from my  desire to make a fusion between Romanian traditional art and costumes with different cultures from all over the world. I come from the region of Transylvania, a region with a wide range of crafts, and being raised in this spirit, it became part of my personality. Sustainability comes naturally, as we work with natural fabrics (some of them handweaved and a lot handmade), we encourage craftsmanship (which is my bigger belief) and we try to support and strenghten communities with our projects. I believe that, beyond their functionalities, clothes should be statement pieces. They should tell a story and strengthen an individual’s identity, giving significance of perpetuating traditional clothing, as testaments to history.

 I am coming from Hungary, which is just next to Romania, and there are similarities in the traditional way of dressing. How would you describe a traditionl outfit or motives which are just Romanian ones?

We are indeed very close, especially considering I’m coming from the N –V of Romania, half an hour away from the boarder. Even in Romania, there are many counties and each region has its own traditional costume and motifs, some more colourful, others more  plain, but different than the Hungarian ones. Floral, geometrical  and animal inspired motifs are very common for us, coming in primary colours like red, blue, green, yellow or pink and purple. Also, we use handweaved fabrics made from wool , linen and hemp and very different handmade laces. The head it’s covered with plain or colourful scarfs, accessoried with woolen socks and handmade leather shoes with straps.

How would you describe Ma Ra Mi with three words?


 Your designs are absolutely amazing and colourful, are you always brave with colours and patterns? How do you like to mix them?

Thank you so much, it really depends on the theme for each collection, sometimes I use neutral colours, other times stronger. As long as there is a balance between the chosen theme and the aesthetics I want to transmit than I feel my goal was achieved.





MA RA MI’s website:







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