The Body Shop


Today I want to show you some awesome Christmas editions from The Body Shop. I first tried their products back in Hungary a few years ago, when I got a “gingerbread house” as a present, it was love at first sniff! Since then I’m a big fan and this year I ended up treating myself with a few items before the festive season.

They’ve launched 3 ranges, the Spiced Apple, the Frosted Berries and my ultimate favourite, the Vanilla Chai. You can get a wide variety of products, starting from shower gels, body lotions till body butters, lip balms and I think the list is endless.

For me the Vanilla Chai products just smell like Christmas, I can’t stop loving them! The vanilla extract is from Madagascar and we all know that The Body Shop is a cruelty-free brand, which means that they are not testing on animals.

If you are looking for Christmas gifts, I’m sure you’ll find something in their stores, cute boxes or bags with amazing products and don’t forget to check their Beauty Advent Calendars ( you can get the last ones with 20% off)!





As you can see, I purchased 2 Vanilla Chai shower gels, a Vanilla Chai body butter and hand cream and a Frosted Berries shower gel, and I might go back for more Vanilla Chai products!

The Body Shop’s website:


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