Olivia Palermo & Mr. Butler

Hello Everyone,

I know I might be a bit crazy about cute adverts, but I just can’t help it! This time I found an Amazon one with Olivia Palermo (my biggest style icon) and her sweet, little dog, Mr. Butler.

To be fair I’ve never thought about Amazon as a website, that I would order clothes or shoes from, but they seem to strengthen their fashion-game. Maybe Amazon is the new Asos?

When I was still living at home I had very similar conversations with my dog, Candy. She is a super soft Bichon Havanese, looks just like a white little fluff. Even though I don’t see her that much, we speak on Skype and my mom keeps me updated with photos and videos on a daily basis.

I love Olivia Palermo’s style, she always finds the perfect balance between elegant and a bit eclectic. She is not afraid to mix&match different patterns or fabrics and her accessories are gorgeous.

So, here is the video!



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