Linton & Mac

Hello Everyone,

First of all Happy New Year to all! The first post of 2017 arrived a bit later than I planned, but I was quite busy with studying and getting used to my new job.

In this post I’m writing about my personal experience at a hairdresser’s, called Linton & Mac.

Just a bit of a background information, I have never ever been at a hairdresser in the UK, even though I’ve been here for a year and a half. I always tried to wait till I go home and go back to the same place with the same people. I have extremely long hair and I love it, shame on me I have no trust in hairdressers (sorry, not sorry).

However, as things are now I’m not going home for the next few months and I felt I need something new, just a bit of a change. My boyfriend has been going to Linton & Mac since their opening and he was the one, who actually convinced me to go there.

It all started with a free consultation with Sarah, who was really nice and helpful, I told her that I only need a bit of a cut without any layers and I would love to get back my natural colour (I used to have ombre). She was looking at different colours with me and did the allergy test and at the end of my visit I booked an appointment.


So the day has come, I was extremely nervous, I arrived a few minutes before, the girls at the reception were lovely, took my coat and offered me some coffee while I was waiting. Then I met another girl, who is probably a student there, I’m super sorry I didn’t catch her name, she was amazing and very chatty, that helped me to get a bit relaxed. Then, I met Sarah, who went through the plan again and started dying my hair. After they washed it off I had to wait, which was a bit cold with wet hair but they were really busy, clients were overlapping, I guess. The next was the cutting, I’m still thinking in centimeters instead of inches, but we got to the point easily. Sarah was very focused, a real professional, she asked me whether I’m happy with the result and I could only smile. I love it!

I’m glad I went for Linton & Mac, the service is excellent, the interior is quirky and fun and my hair looks amazing!


If you want to have a look at their website, go to:



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