As you might know, this blog originally started for one of my uni modules, where we had to present 10 blog post till the end of the semester. Now, that there is no pressure on me about the amount of posts, I would rather write less, but about more exciting topics. You know, quality over quantity.

When it comes to fragrances, make up and skincare, I am incredibly lucky, I have a nice collection from the aboves. Today I wanted to write about a new perfume, just launched on 1st February. It’s called Izia, from Sisley, I’m in love with it, perfect balance between sweet and unique.

All of the Sisley fragrances has a story behind, they are all beautiful and distinctive scents, to be able to wear them you first need to understand the story behind the perfume. Izia is created by Isabella d’Ornano, who found these rare roses in their garden in Poland. The name is the diminutive of Isabelle in Polish and even the bottle was designed by a Polish artist. The visuals are stunning and very different from the usual Sisley ones, created by Quentin Jones.

It is a dazzling fragrance with rose, pink pepper and musk in it. It lasts super long and makes you feel special throughout the whole day.




I linked 2 videos, just so can see the gorgeous visuals and there is a short interview about the story of Izia.

I would recommend to smell Izia and as soon as you start wearing it, you will have no doubts that this is one of the most feminine fragrances in the world.


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