London Trip 1-2


This post is not gonna be fashion related, but I thought I have a few nice photos to share, so why not?!

The background story is that I’ve been to some lovely places, but London was never on my map (not because I’m rubbish when it comes to geography, I just never had the chance to go). However, now within a week I went twice, still didn’t have the time to look around and do mainstream tourist things, but maybe later in the future.

My first trip was a short, 2-day one, only for a conference with the company that I’m working for. I have to say the hotel was absolutely amazing, we weren’t too lucky with the weather though, rain and wind. At the end of the second day I couldn’t make up my mind about this city, I found it too big and crowded, on the other hand it was beautiful and different.


The second trip was a bit longer, almost 4 days and it was again with work. I was so tired after the training, that I just didn’t have the energy to go and discover London (shame on me) and we stayed just next to Hyde Park, so I counted that as an attraction. I have to mention, that I used the underground, which was a great achievement, since I’m the worst navigator ever.

After these days I have more like a positive opinion about London, the streets that I’ve seen were nice, everyone was helpful, I can’t wait for my next trip, but to be fair I still don’t know whether I would live there or not.


I know, it wasn’t an informative post about London, but as I said just wanted to share these fab photos, thanks for reading!


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