Hello Everyone,

Yes, I disappeared again for a bit, but hey I needed a holiday! February was full of travelling, great food and amazing places. I’ve written about my 2 previous trips to London, that you can read here.

Santa was very good to me and I got a surprise holiday to Bordeaux (I guess, I was very well-behaved). I was super excited to visit this city, since I love wine, food and nice weather.  On our first day, after arriving to our airbnb host, we started our short walk and cute boat trip to La Cité du Vin, the building itself worth a look and if you’re there, you need to go in and try some exceptional wine and enjoy the interactive exhibition about Bordeaux, wine and the history of both. Even though we were a bit tired (waking up at 4 am is not my cup of tea), we had a table booked in Le Bouchon Bordelais, I cannot express how amazing it was! First of all, I’ve never had a steak before, but I decided on being adventurous and that was one of the best decisions in my life! When it came to dessert, I chose a cheesecake, which was the most amazing cheesecake ever! The service was perfect, they were fully booked, the atmosphere lovely and the interior is unique.




The second day was a Sunday, which meant going to the market, first we visited a flea market, honestly they had some nice stuff there, antique armchairs, books and beautiful china. Then we headed to a proper French food market, it was amazing, they had fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, I mean this is what you expect, but the smell, the atmosphere made we want to go and do my shopping there every Sunday. After we were wondering around the city, went to Galeries Lafayette, where you can find everything, no matter if you’re after some jewellery, make up or clothes. The second restaurant, we had dinner in was Glouton le Bistrot, the interior was gorgeous, there was a long table in the middle of the restaurant, packed with vegetables, bread, ham and lots of other goodies.Here, I had some fish with potatoes, loved it! It was followed by some creme brulee, but I have to admit, I prefered the other cake, it was something with white chocolate and mango-coconut sauce/cream.




Monday was our last day and surprisingly French seemed to take a day off, we tried to figure this weird tradition out, why is half of the shops are open other half closed, so if anyone knows the answer, please,please write to me. Apart from this, the weather was still beautiful and most importantly, it was my Love’s birthday! Yaay! We were walking around the city, enjoying the last hours with sunshine and hunting for a nice cake. Our last dinner in Bordeaux was in a restaurant, called La P’tite Brasserie, it was full, the service was lovely, I enjoyed the food as well, yet I didn’t manage to eat a full dessert by myself.


Honestly, visit Bordeaux if you have the chance, most charming city with amazing food and I didn’t even mentioned the little independent shops, the small cafes and the creative street art.

My next adventure right after Bordeaux was London, so stay tuned!


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