London Fashion Week Festival


As I promised in the previous post, now I’ll be writing about my trip to the London Fashion Week Festival!

Since I’m a Fashion Management student, I had the opportunity to go to this gorgeous festival with uni. We spent 3 days in London, our flight was really early in the morning, so we almost had the full day on Wednesday as well. After finding our way to the hotel, we decided on visiting some of the iconic department stores. I have to be honest, I’ve never been to Selfridges or Harrods, but I found them the nicest stores ever! Later I wanted to see the Queen, well I made it till Buckingham Palace,  I didn’t even have the chance to take a photo with the guards…disappointment. However, the building itself is fabulous and I quite liked walking around!


We started our second day in Victoria and Albert Museum, since they are having a special exhibition, called ‘Undressed’. It is still on till the 12th March, definitely worth a look, if you are in London. You can see custom-made beautiful old lingerie, corsets, as well as pyjamas. After we had a look around in the Museum, then headed to the Fashion Week Festival, where you could get your hair done with Tony&Guy or your make up by Maybelline. There were so many young designers with their clothes, bags and jewellery, all of them extremely talented. The show, that we went for, was Osman’s fashion show, his creations were worn by Beyonce, Emily Blunt and Emma Watson. To be fair, I loved those clothes, wouldn’t mind having a few in my wardrobe!


The last day, we went for a browse to Covent Garden, where I happened to have amazing, delicious macaroons from Laduree. Later, before our flight back we quickly checked Liberty. The patterns are beautiful and the atmosphere in the shop is exceptional!




All in all, I really enjoyed my super busy February, my fav is still Bordeaux! I’ll put my suitcase away for a few weeks, but I’ll keep you updated!

Special thanks to the LFWF photos to Polina, check her website:




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