Edinburgh Trip

Hello Everyone,

As the title indicates I went for a short trip to Edinburgh. Since, I’ve only been there when I was flying to somewhere from the airport, it was amazing to actually see the city itself.

On Monday, we went straight to The Elephant House for lunch and a coffee. I was quite excited for the place, as J.K. Rowling used to spend loads of time there and I do like Harry Potter. The food was nice, coffee was great, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the service. However, I loved the cute, little elephants, wish I could take some home! After we headed to see the castle, which was absolutely gorgeous. My favourite part of the day was Camera Obscura, honestly, sooo much fun, I would go again anytime. Then we had a bit of time to visit the National Museum of Scotland, obviously we didn’t manage to go through all the parts, yet we covered the most exciting ones. We booked a table to a restaurant called, Dine, it’s next to the theatre (if I’m right), it looks beautiful inside and the food is divine. I had the most amazing chicken and the waitresses were super lovely.

Our second day happened to be a bit more adventurous due to some strong wind, but we managed everything pretty well. We had brunch in a place,called Urban Angel, if you have the chance, go and check it out, it’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. After we were wondering around, visited the Parliament, Jenners and Harvey Nichols.

So, as I said it was a short and sweet trip and now I have to go back to studying, since the end of the semester is approaching very soon!

P.S.: Hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day and spent time with your family!

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