Short visit to Hungary



This is the last post about my travels for a while, as I’m not planning to go anywhere for a few months. However, this little trip was needed because I haven’t been home since last July. Home for me is a little city, close to Lake Balaton, called Veszprém, which is a 2 hr drive from our capital, Budapest.

I was incredibly excited to see my doggy, Candy and my whole family, they were all waiting for me at the airport! The first two days were spent in Budapest. We had an incredibly amazing dinner in Vintage Garden Bistro, which is the girliest, cutest place in that city for sure. The interior is changing all the time according to different themes, when we were there it was a little “Paris”. The service is really nice, the waiters were kind and welcoming, sometimes even funny and the food was divine. We spent our second day with shopping, where I found my new Tom Ford frames, can’t wait to wear them! In the evening we went to the theatre to see Mary Poppins, I enjoyed it a lot!

The rest of my holidays were spent mostly with family, hard to catch up with everything in such a short period of time, but we tried. I already miss them so much, but the count down has started till my summer holidays.

These are the photos of Vinatge Garden and the link to their Facebook page:


This is Lake Balaton when we were in Balatonfüred, if you have the chance go for a walk there, it’s beautiful.

IMG_0976 (1)IMG_0977IMG_0983

And yes, it appears to me, that I love taking photos of my food. These beauties are in Johnny’s Bistro in Veszprém, link to their Facebook page:


Finally, Candy as an Easter bunny, she is sooo cute!



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