The Body Shop – Again

Hello and welcome back,

I know, I know I disappeared for ages, but honestly the last 2 months were way too busy, I just didn’t have the time to write. I’m working full-time, was preparing for last reports and exams at uni and moved flats as well, try to create quality content for a blog with all these, huh…impossible.

However, today I brought some of my new favourites from The Body Shop. First of all we just went to get some shower gel and this is how it starts all the time. They had an offer on, if you spend a certain amount of money, they will give you a gift. The moment when I heard the word gift, I knew we are not leaving without one.

So, for the shower gels, we needed to try the new summer edition, which is the mojito one. Whenever I use it, it feels like I’m on the beach sipping my cocktail, as you can imagine it this is a huge advantage if you are living in a country, where you have to wear a light jacket even during summer. The second one is a blueberry shower gel, which was on offer, it might get discontinued, not sure.


Then, I chose two make up brushes, never tried the Body Shop ones, but they are synthetic and they do look quite a good quality, so fingers crossed. One is a double – sided one, the other is just a simple one, but both are for eyes. I have to note, that they look like they are from a different collection, I need to check if there is any particular reason for that.


I’m in love with masks and having a nice pamper, already has the Honey mask from The Body Shop, now it was time to get the Himalayan Charcoal one, tried it, loved it!

I always wanted to try the Tea Tree Oil, it’s very handy, as you don’t have to use it all over your face, it just concentrates on the exact area, where you have the problem.


And finally, here is my gift! I received a strawberry shower gel, a massive strawberry hand cream and a cute travel size olive body scrub. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I try to be more active, but I won’t promise anything.




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