Summer outfits

You might have noticed summer has arrived, well not to Scotland… Even though the weather is absolutely miserable in here I am mentally preparing for my holidays.
As I was moving flats not long ago, I realised that I have no summer clothes whatsoever, I mean I own a pair of wedges and two pair of bikinis, but you can hardly get through 3 weeks of a holiday with all that. The conclusion is shopping for holiday outfits, which is not going very well if I’m being honest, I feel or too pale or too naked to put on anything that shows my legs/ arms.
Anyway, I thought these two little sets will help me getting an idea at least. The first one is a really cute beach set, I love the top of the bikini, such a cool idea! The second one is a bit more funky with the wedges and the poncho and the back of the swimsuit is super sweet as well!
Feel free to give me ideas what to wear on my holls, honestly any help is appreciated!



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