Tangle Teezer Review

Hey Everybody,

I know I might be a year or two late with this review, but as I only got my first ever Tangle Teezer on last Sunday I thought this post could be helpful for some. Just so you get an idea how long is my hair, here is a picture from January (and yes, since then it has been growing).


The idea of the Tangle Teezer always fascinated me, it’s small, it’s great for detangling and let’s admit it, the design is super cute. Why I haven’t purchased it earlier? Well, two simple reasons; 1. Last year when I desperately needed a new brush I wanted to play safe and bought a usual, quite big Mark hill one, which I’m still happily using to this day, 2. I couldn’t decide which colour to go for. Okay…this must have sounded absolutely ridiculous, but there are so many sweet designs and patterns, so I was just waiting for the perfect one.

And there we are, last Sunday I opened my Asos app and thought I might check the Tangle Teezers, where I found the perfect design for myself. It is a limited edition Disney Princess brush, pink colour with a hint of sparkles and extra Princess stickers (the idea is to create your own, but I’m gonna keep it cool and not going to put any on).


I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I have to say it is a great investment. Tiny, so I can carry it everywhere, looks super-duper cute and whenever I brush my hair it doesn’t hurt at all.

Hope you’ve found this review handy and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or experiences with this product!


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