Foreo Luna vs. Clarisonic


Since I’m working in the beauty industry I’m getting more and more into everything that is connected to skin care. Everybody wants flawless skin and to be fair I’m quite satisfied with my regime, but I’m always thinking if I could do more for my skin.

In this post I’m comparing the Foreo Luna 2 and the Clarisonic Mia 2, I haven’t tried them, but I feel like making a list will help me and hopefully you as well to decide which one to purchase.

Not long ago I’ve seen a video on Youtube about the Foreo Luna 2, which seemed to be the perfect choice for me. The first thing, that was really appealing to me is the look, there is no brush, where all the dirt and bacteria can stick, it makes me think, that it is hygienic to use and super easy to clean. My other fear with brushes is that, what if it’s to harsh for my skin? This little Luna device is silicone, which is soft and gentle, it has two sides, one for the cleansing and the other is for anti-aging massage. The Foreo Luna 2 is £169, which is expensive for a student, but that’s all you pay and then you don’t have to purchase other accessories. There is a Luna mini 2, which is a bit cheaper, only £119, but as I look at the photos this one doesn’t have the anti-aging bit (at the age of 21, I’m probably still fine not using anything for this issue). Charging is another important factor, this product comes with a USB-port and as far as I’m aware you only need to charge it every 5-6 months, which is amazing. Technically speaking it won every award last year, such as Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2016 or InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2016. And we cannot forget about the cutest Swedish design, it comes in loads of nice colours and if you go on their website, you can fill out a test, which tells you which Luna 2 is suitable for your skin.


But just after I’ve found the Foreo products, I’ve seen vloggers comparing them to the Clarisonic Mia 2. I had massive doubts, it has a brush, which I’ve already explained my problems with and then what if it’s too harsh? Plus every video mentions a 2 week period, when you might get breakouts, but obviously after it clears up. However I went on their website, just to see what is this device. So, the Mia 2 has two different speeds, where the brush moves a bit faster or slower. It always comes with a sensitive brush head, that after you can change. The price seems to be a bit lower, £125, but don’t forget you need to change the brush every 3 months, which cost £21 each, adds up to £84 a year. The charging is quite easy, you just stick the charger to the Mia 2 as it has a magnet and I belive you need to charge it after every 25 use.


I honestly cannot make up my mind, both of them seem to have huge fans. I watched loads of videos online and Clarisonic is an absolute favourite, but the Luna 2 gets fabulous reviews too. I will carry on with the research and hopefully sooner or later I make a decision.

Please if you have tried any of the above face cleansers share your opinions with me!


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